From waterparks to popsicles and all-day adventures, it is easy to see why summer is the favorite time of year for children. The warm weather offers an opportunity for extended time with friends and making summertime memories.

Sadly, for children, summer can also mean an increase in the risk of being a victim of domestic violence due to numerous factors.

Summer’s hot temperatures cause physical discomfort that can lead to unprovoked irritation. Unfortunately, an abuser oftentimes takes those frustrations out on children and their significant other.

With children out of school for the summer, parents may become frustrated by the increased daily responsibilities of taking care of children. This can lead to increased aggravation towards the children resulting in violence. 

Warmer months usually means graduations, parties, weddings and outside events are on the social calendar. This can also mean a higher consumption of alcohol for adults which lowers inhibitions and can lead to lack of judgment during tense situations that can negatively affect children.

With teenagers spending more time with significant others during the summer, there is an increased risk of violence from abusive partners. Domestic violence among teens is more likely to occur when drugs and alcohol are present within the family dynamic. Teens who observe family violence may assume it is okay to act that way. They learn to think that this is what it takes to be in a relationship, and intimate partner violence becomes their norm.

In 2021, Fort Bend Women’s Center served 810 children that have been exposed to abusive situations. These children needed a safe environment to continue learning, exploring, and growing without fear or the threat of violence.

The need continues in 2022 as all children deserve a chance to thrive even when school is out. You can help continue to make that possible by donating to the FBWC Summer Campaign at

Your donation will help us expand our educational and outreach programs for children and give them the opportunity to just be kids this summer!

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