Estate Planning/Bequests

Bequests and Estate Planning

A bequest is an easy way to make a gift to Fort Bend Women's Center. With the help of an advisor, you can state in your will or trust that a gift be given to Fort Bend Women's Center.

Benefits of making a charitable bequest

  • You leave a legacy giving healing and hope to survivors and their children
  • You lessen the burden of taxes on your family
  • You may save estate taxes

What are the types of bequests?

  • You can give a specific dollar amount or asset
  • You can give a percentage of your estate
  • You can give a gift from the balance or residue of your estate

Bequest language

Sample bequest language:

1.       Specific bequest
“I bequeath the sum of $­­­­­_____________ to Fort Bend Women’s Center, Richmond, TX.”

2.       Bequest of a percent of the estate
“I devise and bequeath ___% of the remainder and residue of property owned at my death, whether real or personal and wherever located to Fort Bend Women’s Center, Richmond, TX.”

For More Information: 
Leslie Wendland | Chief External Affairs Officer