2016 Volunteer of the Year – Alice Kleinheinz

Meet our Volunteer of the Year 2016! Alice Kleinheinz!

Liz Moreno, Resale Store Director of HR/Volunteers with Volunteer of the Year 2016 Alice Kleinheinz


Our Chief Retail Operations Officer, Joy Dowell said: “This volunteer is loved by our Resale Store staff as well as our administrative staff for her easy-going, generous personality. A boutique connoisseur, with a strong innovative style for merchandising, she makes the Richmond Resale Store the place the shop!”



What brought you to Fort Bend Women’s Center?

We moved to this area in 1998 and as my daughter had just started going to ‘mother’s day out’, I wanted to fill my time.

I actually had a resale business of my own in the 1980s but sold it when we moved to this area.  Before that my mom used to go to garage sales, pick up stuff and sell it on to get a few extra dollars for the family. Working in resale just comes naturally to me.


How long have you been a volunteer?

In 1998, I started doing just a couple of hours in what was then the Women’s Center’s only resale store. I took some time off when my kids were older and had lots of school activities. I volunteered at their schools instead.

Around the time that my kids graduated, I was shopping in the store and the manager told me that they really needed someone to sort out all the jewelry, so I came back to help out with that. I helped get all the jewelry prepared for the opening of our current Richmond store.

Now, I come in to work at the Richmond store most days – mostly Monday through Saturday, sometimes a Sunday if they need extra help and I have time. I come in for a few hours in the morning, go home and look after my dog and if I have time in the afternoon, I come back for another couple of hours.


What volunteer activities have you been involved in?

I’ve always worked in the resales stores. I mostly work in the back, sorting stock but I also help with the displays, dressing the mannequins. I also make sure the jewelry cabinets are stocked and cleaned. But I’ll do whatever needs to be done – sweeping the floor, cleaning the windows.


What would you say to someone who is thinking of volunteering with us?

This is a fun place to work but it is work. You have to get into it and enjoy what you’re doing. You need to be flexible, willing to do whatever needs to be done on any day and work across all areas as needed.


Congratulations on being our Volunteer of the Year for 2016!

I don’t do this for the awards or the recognition. It’s a challenge for me to do this and it’s not about the recognition. I do want to thank my husband, Jay and my children, Andrew and Caitlyn for all their support and making it possible for me to volunteer.