Volunteer Spotlight Angie Raymond

Angie Raymond was Fort Bend Women’s Center STARS Volunteer of the Year in 2015. If you’ve ever come to a Women’s Center event and admired the decorations, there’s a good chance you were enjoying Angie’s work. STARS is the Fort Bend Women’s Center’s volunteer auxiliary.


What brought you to Fort Bend Women’s Center?

I first joined the decorations team with Girlfriends Giggle and that led to me becoming a life member of the Stars group about 9 years ago.


How long have you been a volunteer?  I’ve been involved with Stars for around 9 years now


What volunteer activities have you been involved in?  Girlfriends Giggle, Boogie (once bartended with my husband) and the 35th anniversary event with Ashley Judd in 2015.  Outside of the Women’s Center, I was a Big Sister in the “Big Brother Big Sister” program 1999 & Ladies Auxiliary for Veteran of Foreign Wars 1987 life member.


How has being volunteering at Fort Bend Women’s Center impacted your life?

I’ve always had a passion to help others when they feel that they have no voice.   Going to a couple events at the shelter have brought new ‘eyes’ to my two daughters and thankfulness that they have a roof and parents to call too.  I truly feel so rewarded when I can see an individual step on her own two feet and smile.


Can you share one memorable moment from your volunteering experience with me?

When I took my daughters recently to the shelter for Christmas and they got to serve and hand out gifts to children.


What would you say to someone who is thinking of volunteering with us?

It is really hard to see and hear the stories behind these women and children, but once you can see that your efforts are going to help them become strong and active with their lives and that they see later that their lives do matter, that is the best reward in itself.