Meet our Board President

At Fort Bend Women’s Center, we are grateful to have support from right across our local community, particularly our male volunteers, including the President of our Board of Directors, Bruce Mercer.

Regional President of Prosperity Bank, Bruce got involved with Fort Bend Women’s Center by chance…..but almost twenty years later, he has no regrets and is still passionate about making a difference in the lives of survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

“In 1997, I had just moved to Sugar Land. I was participating in Fort Bend Chamber’s Leadership program and I happened to catch a car ride to a meeting in Galveston with a friend. Joining us in the car was the then Executive Director of the Women’s Center, Cristy Jennings.

“In Houston, I had been serving on the Board of The Make-A-Wish Foundation but my term of service was up and I was looking for something new in the Sugar Land area. Cristy told me about the Women’s Center and asked me to think about it. I’ve been involved pretty much ever since. It was certainly a fortuitous meeting!

“Since then, I’ve been involved either as a member of the Board of Directors or in some other capacity. When I wasn’t serving on the Board itself, I was involved in the Friends of Fort Bend Women’s Center. I did take a short break when I was President of Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce, but I rejoined the Women’s Center Board in 2014 and I’m honored to serve as President this year.

“I do think it’s important for men to be involved with organizations such as Fort Bend Women’s Center. Too often, domestic violence and sexual assault are seen as issues that only affect women. In fact, they are issues that affect our whole community. Having a great mix of men and women on our Board is also a way of saying to potential funders, partners and the wider community, that Fort Bend Women’s Center has a really broad base of support for its work.

“In my years with the Women’s Center, I’ve seen incredible change and growth. My personal highlights include opening our current shelter and pioneering new services to address our clients’ needs, for example, the introduction of neurofeedback training to help survivors with traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health disorders. Watching the organization mature in terms of its financial stability has also been very rewarding.

As well as serving on the Board of Directors, Bruce has been a regular volunteer bartender at Fort Bend Women’s Center’s annual Girlfriends Giggle fundraiser. He says: “It is always a fun event. I always enjoyed working as part of the team to make it happen.”

Thank you for your service Bruce!