The Joy of Tidying

Marie Kondo is the surprise TV star of 2019. Her show ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ has inspired families across the world to clean up, declutter, fold their clothes in a whole new way and give away those items that do not ‘spark joy’.

Her approach to tidying up, KonMari is focused on encouraging people to choose joy in their homes by getting rid of things that no longer make them happy. One of the many unique aspects of her approach is thanking those items that followers of her approach choose to get rid of.

Many of those who have adopted her approach confess to feeling happier, lighter and more appreciative of their home.

So, if you are following the KonMari approach, why not double your joy and donate the items that no longer spark joy for you to PennyWise Resale Stores?  Feeling long-term joy by giving an item that does not spark anything for you, to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault and their children could be the first joy that one of our client families may have felt in a long time.

We accept previously joyful and gently used clothing, accessories, household goods and furniture. Donations are either given directly to our client families or sold in our stores to raise funds to pay for our life-saving services.

We will give the final word to Joy – because our Chief Retail Operations Officer really is Joy!

“We are so grateful for all our donors, and we want you to know that whatever approach you use to decluttering or clearing out your closets, your donations will always spark joy for everyone at PennyWise. Your donations not only bring joy to families who have fled domestic violence and sexual assault, they are truly part of helping them heal and rebuild their lives. Together we can make a real difference to their future.” (Joy, PennyWise Chief Retail Operations Officer)

You can donate to any of our PennyWise stores and Donation Centers, or if you have really had a full KonMari style makeover, you can schedule a donation pick-up! Click here to learn more.