“I Have A Dream” – Written by Courageous Survivors

The staff at our Emergency Shelter have started a writing activity with the adult and child residents. The groups are gathered at separate times and are given a writing prompt, where they may create their own publications on that topic and share them with the community right here!

This is a great way for our clients to not only express their feelings but to also have those feelings and thoughts heard, if they desire. You are now the audience of three very brave writers who have chosen to publish their thoughts. These residents came to us, having fled an abusive home, and are courageous enough to give us a glimpse into their dreams…

The topic on this writing day was “I Have a Dream.”

Girl Age 13

One day there will be one whom makes no wrongs. One whom always knows the right thing to say and do. And I bet every person would want to be just like that one soul. But what they don’t know is, that person is living with fear and anxiety because all of the attention and pressure that’s on them.

Everybody wants to be like the same person, and if they achieve their goal, no one would have anything special about them. No unique features. No spark. No mistakes. Exactly the same. I have a dream that everyone will appreciate their flaws and mistakes. Mistakes are the things that make you human. Mistakes are the things that make you, you. I know it may be hard but you’ll learn to love yourself just as much as other people love you.

 Girl Age 10

I always have dreams about what I want to be in life, like to be a teacher, singer, actress, or even be a lawyer but my favorite dream was when I was president of the United States.

I’m a ten-year-old girl with a big imagination. I have 4 sisters and 2 older annoying brothers, even though I’m the older sister and my 8 and 9-year-old sisters still bully me.

The only reason I want to become president is because I want to help the United States of America and let everybody know who I am and that they know I’m wealthy.

In conclusion, if my dreams ever occur in life I will be happy to be a leader and support my fellow people.

 Woman, Age 47

“…When I think of negative things I always say to myself that I need to stay strong, positive, humble, loving, helpful and courteous to others. I have fallen but Jesus lifts me up, I need to be positive for my sons because Jesus loves us. And I have to believe that I can overcome my trial in life. I need to trust in God’s plans for me and not be afraid to walk in the doors that open for me. I believe Jesus will make a way for me and my children. He will provide my dream to reality and bless myself and my children and the world. My dream is for Jesus to come down from the Heavens and save the world.

 It can be a very stressful ordeal for our clients to leave the place they call home because it is no longer safe and then to move into a strange new environment. But these residents worked hard and we are happy to report that all three of the participants above are safely in their own home again!

Thank you to these clients for sharing their dreams with us.

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