Umed’s Impact Story – Poetry


One of our Women’s Center survivors used poetry as a way to share her impact story. We would like to share one of her poems with you. She uses the pseudonym “Umed”, which means hope in her native language.


In the name of a marriage
A woman is raped every day
As a dutiful wife
She has to smile and endure
All the Love showered on her
In the form of this rape

As a good wife never complains
Not even when her soul is shattered
In thousands of pieces
She still has to walk
On that broken glass
With a smile on her face

Bleeding profusely
Making everything bright
Glowing in the dark
Making excuses
About a million different abuses

Justifying each one
With a courageous smile
To prove her self
Her worth, her loyalness
To a marriage which drains her
Of all the life left inside of her

Still for her kids
For society and her family
For her shattered self worth
She gathers the pieces of her soul
Only to begin the cycle once more

– Umed (Hope)