Claire’s Impact Story

Claire had struggled to escape an abusive relationship with her two small children and was living with her parents when she came to the Fort Bend Women’s Center in the summer of 2014. Within weeks, she had found herself a full time job and was accepted into our supportive housing program. Over the next few months, she courageously kept her spirits up while apartment after apartment failed to meet HUD housing requirements. We finally found an apartment for Claire. Through this help, she is living in a completely different city from her abuser, has a much shorter commute to her place of employment and has reconnected with an old friend in the area – slowly developing a new support system. What follows is an email she sent us right before Christmas:

“I just wanted to get in touch with you and let you know everything is going great! I want to keep in touch with you so that you know we are doing well and still living in our apartment. I’m still working at the same place…been here 4 months now! I actually had my parents over for dinner last night and it felt amazing to know that we had our own house. The girls and I will be putting up our Christmas tree this week…you and everyone at the Women’s Center have been truly amazing to us in giving us a place to call home! Thank you so much for everything! We are all truly grateful for all of your help and patience! I’m less stressed and more happy! It’s awesome to have a place where we feel SAFE and it’s something my girls and I can call our own. Thank you!”
Claire’s story is what happens when we work TOGETHER!

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