Janice’s Impact Story

Janice had been a victim of physical, emotional, psychological and economic abuse for quite a while. She came to the Women’s Center for help after her abuse reached a level so severe, that a blow to the back of her head caused her to lose consciousness. Her progress was slow. Her counselor performed a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) evaluation and it indicated that Janice was indeed a TBI victim. She was referred to the Neurotherapy Center of Houston, where she received specialized treatment twice a week for several months. Significant improvement was made in her decision making skills, memory and anxiety symptoms. There was improvement in her depression as well and she was able to view things more optimistically. Unfortunately, Neurotherapy for TBI is long-term and though the Neurotherapy Center of Houston provides a sliding scale fee structure, the treatment had to be discontinued due to lack of funds. The Women’s Center is continually looking for sources of funding for clients like Janice. We will continue to work with Janice and hope help her improve her future.