Amanda’s Impact Story

Amanda’s impact story begins when she arrived at the Fort Bend Women’s Center after being sexually assaulted by the Physical Training Officer in her college ROTC unit. The assault happened more than a year before, but she was still dealing with the effects of the assault. In addition to her marital strife, Amanda had to leave her school due to overwhelming stress and leave her ROTC unit due to having to continue under her assailant’s command. Moreover, when Amanda decided to come forward with the assault report, she was chastised for waiting so long and questioned as to the validity of her report by the authorities. She refused to give up and continued to tell about the assault until someone listened.

Currently, she is working with the authorities to follow through with criminal charges and military consequences of the assailant’s actions. She is also receiving counseling and case management through the Fort Bend Women’s Center to cope with the stress. Her stress from the assault has been compounded by the lack of support she received when she came forward about it. She has begun to rebuild her life with her husband and her new baby.