Volunteer with PennyWise

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We could not run our PennyWise stores without our wonderful volunteers! There are always plenty of opportunities to get involved.


PennyWise Volunteers

All of our volunteers are knows as STARS.


Our PennyWise STARS receive and sort donations in our stores and work in our Donation Center. They merchandise our stores, greet customers, price goods and keep our stores looking their best. Most PennyWise STARS are asked to commit to working regular three hour shifts.


We are able to translate STARS’ volunteer hours into grant funding so by helping us in our stores, you are raising funds for our programs too.


PennyWise STARS can also work toward achieving special rewards. There are three different levels of achievement. As those levels of hours are achieved, that volunteer is rewarded with a special store discount to be applied to purchases for that year.


10% off  – completion of 60 hours per year

15% off  – completion of 144 hours per year

20% off  – completion of 288 hours per year.


For more information on how to become a PennyWise volunteer, visit our Volunteer page to complete an application form.


Junior Fashionista Board

Our Junior Fashionista Board provides a unique opportunity for students aged 14-21 years who love fashion to learn retail skills and be part of quarterly fashion shows. Junior Fashionista volunteer hours qualify for service hours for Social Service Clubs.



For application forms and more information, contact PennyWise HR/Volunteer Manager Liz Moreno at lmoreno@fbwc.org or call 281-344-5774.