Summer Camp Launch a Success!

IMG_2489This summer, our Violence Prevention Staff and Volunteers hosted its first summer camp with 12 middle and junior high school students from all around our county.  Through open discussions and activities we addressed issues like bullying, sexual harassment, healthy relationships, peer counseling and bystander intervention.  The teens learned a lot from each other. With this said, we wanted to share what we learned from these youth.

While our school districts appear to have a handle on the dynamics of bullying, even cyber bullying, there seems to be a lack of understanding of the behaviors that develop into sexual harassment. No longer is bra-snapping and “pantsing” to be brushed off as “boys will be boys.”  And, the latter is not the worst of which was reported to us.  Parents, teachers and administrators need to know the intricacies of sexual harassment.  As parents and supporters of the Women’s Center, stay informed and be sure you are familiar with Title IX.  Any sexual harassment on a school campus or affecting a student, violates this federal law.  Each school district should have its own Title IX Coordinator to review complaints and reports if schools are not responding appropriately.  For more information about Title IX, click here.

If you would like more information on Sexual Harassment Training for your school, church, business or community, please contact Amber Paaso at

Our campers learned that it takes courage to step up and speak out against violence, but understood that it takes all of our voices to bring about change.  All of us have a role to play, including you.