Measure Up 4 Kids

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Will you measure up for kids like Joe?


When nine-year-old Joe came to our Emergency Shelter with his mom earlier this year, he was struggling. He couldn’t concentrate on anything, including his school work. He was constantly getting into trouble for things he knew he shouldn’t do. He had to be asked multiple times to stop behavior that could hurt him and others.


Luckily for Joe, our Child Mentors were available to help him. He began to do his homework with their support and worked with them to complete ‘peak performance’ neurofeedback training, specially designed to help children improve concentration and impulse control.


Slowly, Joe began to change. He started to take more responsibility for his behavior and his studies. He began to take the initiative when it came to homework.


And when we helped Joe’s mom find a new home, he stepped up to take on chores around the house. He just completed an amazing science fair project, and he’s starting to really enjoy school.


Many children who are exposed to the trauma of family violence struggle at school. They tend to have trouble making friends, forming relationships and are more likely to put themselves at risk, either from other abusers or through drugs and alcohol.  While the violence at home might stop, the effects of it can change children’s lives forever.


We’re so glad that we could be there for Joe when he needed us. Our Children’s Services help hundreds of kids like Joe every year. We provide the support, encouragement and tools they need to break free of abuse and move forward with their lives confidently and without fear.


Will you help us continue to help kids like Joe? We serve more than 500 children a year, providing them with support ranging from meals and shelter to specialized services like our peak performance neurofeedback. With your help, we can continue to provide all these services as well as school supplies, uniforms and shoes for the new school year. Thank you for helping to bring healing and hope to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault and their children.


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