Measure Up 4 Kids

Help Fort Bend Women’s Center Measure Up 4 Kids!

Children who experience domestic violence and sexual assault are just like any other kids. They get excited and nervous about a new school year – about new shoes, backpacks and pencil cases.


The kids in our programs are different though. Through no fault of their own, they need a little extra help to achieve their potential, in school and in life. Our children’s programs allow us to provide child mentoring, education assistance, counseling and more to help these children excel. A little boy that we will call Jacob touched our hearts and the hearts of our Child Mentors forever. Here is Jacob’s story:


It was the end of the school year and Jacob had failed the third grade. He and his mother had just moved into our Emergency Shelter, fleeing an abusive situation. And now Jacob would have to attend summer school and pass in order to move on the fourth grade. He went to summer school as required, returning to the shelter in the afternoons to join his mother and show his Child Mentor his paperwork from school. She would assist as needed and encourage him, reminding him that he could do it and to believe in himself. Jacob continued to take in that encouragement, returning to summer school every day. Two weeks later, Jacob returned to the shelter one day and ran to that same Child Mentor to show his progress report… This time, he had straight A’s! The Child Mentor asked him, “How did you do it?” Jacob replied, “I’m safe. My mom’s safe. I can do school now! “


By supporting our Measure Up 4 Kids campaign, you can help us continue to deliver our life-changing children’s services, including essential back to school supplies and child mentoring for kids like Jacob.


Together we can give our children the best possible chance of success, and a life free of violence and fear.