Bringing comfort to sexual assault survivors

Sometimes, it may seem hard to be able to make a difference to sexual assault survivors in our community. One way to help the hundreds of survivors we serve every year is to donate something that we can use to help them when they need us most.

Our Personal Accompaniment Volunteers (PAVs) are Women’s Center staff and volunteers who are available 24 hours a day to be with survivors of sexual assault and their loved ones in the emergency room. In addition to providing the victim with emotional support, our goal is also to provide every survivor a bag of the items they are most likely to need at this time.

As well as providing support our PAVs also provide information concerning the forensic exam, and ensure that survivors understand their rights and options.

The items we most need are highlighted in bold:

Sweat pants and sweat shirts (women and children, all sizes)
Scrubs (tops and bottoms, all sizes S‐3XL)
New warm socks (women and children – one size fits most)
Sports bras (women, all sizes)
Underwear (women S‐3XL and children S‐XL, all sizes)

Travel size deoderant
Toothbrush and travel size toothpaste
Travel size hand sanitizer
Lip balm
Travel size pack of tissues
Travel size lotion

Plain bags and totes -large enough to fit all PAV items
Small cozy blankets
Small/medium stuffed animals
Coloring/activity books and crayons (unisex preferred)
Light-hearted children’s books

Thank you – donating even one of these items will make a big difference to our work and to the lives of those we serve.