Moving Companies Going The Extra Mile To Protect Abuse Victims

Beginning the process to physically move both yourself and your belongings away from an abusive situation, requires that your privacy be 100% maintained – especially from your abuser. That is why the company that you choose to help you move is so important.3 men movers   There are local moving companies, like 3 Men Movers, that ensure victims of domestic/sexual abuse are moved with discretion and care. Every year over 100 women are killed in Texas by their current or former partners. Texas is not alone in these numbers:

That is why the 3 Men Movers team puts safety first when handling any move for an abuse victim. From the initial quote to the completion of the service, they implement important strategies to keep women safe throughout their move. Here’s how they do it: Listening The first, and possibly most important, precaution that the 3 Men Movers team takes is to actively listen. Women that are in trouble may not come right out and say so – their abuser may be close by. In those cases the team has been trained to err on the side of caution, and listen for a distressed tone. 3 Men Movers’ Move Concierge, Josh, reflects on a situation; “She was crying when she called. I asked her if everything was ok, but she said that she was fine.” Josh then decided to notate the account for possible abuse, ensuring that any other staff member that handled her account was alerted. Privacy & Notations At 3 Men Movers, they are very adamant about privacy and security. They will not share any information about a service (phone numbers, addresses, etc.) with anyone except the person who called to set up the service.   Going the extra mile, they use a (P*) symbol next to the name of a woman who books a service to alert every associate that this record is not to be discussed with anyone that isn’t the customer. That way their associates do not even acknowledge the existence of a booked move with anyone who is unauthorized by the customer. Here are a few situations in which these precautions possibly saved lives:

  • During one instance, a man called to cancel a move that his wife had scheduled that was flagged for domestic abuse. When the Move Concierge, Sarah, hung up with the man, she promptly called the woman who set up the appointment. Finding out that her phone had been disconnected, and worried for her safety, the movers were still sent to the woman’s home. When Salvador and his crew arrived at the woman’s home, she was unaware that her husband had her phone disconnected in an attempt to keep her from getting to safety.


  • In another instance, one of the movers, Tito, called a female customer to confirm the move. When a man answered the phone, Tito immediately hung up. The notes had informed Tito that the service was a domestic abuse situation and he was taking every precaution to not alert the wrong people of her plan to move.

To conclude, the moving company you choose to leave an abusive home matters. If you can, ask questions about company policies when researching movers. The Fort Bend Women’s Center is centered around getting you the connections and support you need to safely leave abuseful situations. Please call us for more information, or call 3 Men Movers directly at 713-333-6683.