Board and Friends of Fort Bend Women’s Center

Fort Bend Women’s Center is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors drawn from across our community, representing a wide range of skills and experience. We also draw upon the expertise and experience of our Friends for additional guidance.


Fort Bend Women’s Center Board of Directors, 2018

Bryan Sparks, President

Stacey Kuithe, President-Elect

Bruce Mercer, Immediate Past President

Melissa Blanscet, Secretary

Phil Davis, Treasurer

Vita Goodell, CEO, Fort Bend Women’s Center (Non-Voting Member)


Juliet Breeze

Lorie Clements

Courtney Diepraam

Mindy Gross

George Head

Wendy Ho

Barbara Jones

Stacey  Kuithe

Amy Lopez

Noel  Mascarenhas

Chelsea Nguyen

Neha Smith

Stella Umutoni



Friends of the Fort Bend Women’s Center

Roberta Avery

Annette Bain

Suzanne Bartholomew

Mike Bell

Sue Buller

Jayme Chalkley

Sue Chiang

Nancy Colmenares

Guy Cook

Baruch & Zohara Epstein

Anthony Francis

Cynthia Gary

Cleve Glenn

Lizzie Harbin

John Healey

Rajni Jain

Jared Jameson

Rebecca Junker

Carole Kanusky, RN

Jamie Knight

Phillip Koester

Debbie Marcell

Theresa McKinney

Dan McMillan

Steve Mercadal

Jamie Middleton

Felicia Moon

Ron Norsworthy

W. Allen Owen

Chris Owens

Stutie Trehan Patel

Arthur Pace

Cee Cee Parker

Lane Pearson

Roger Peters

Tommy Philips

Shantha Raghuthaman

Manny Reyes

John Rippel

Arlene Rolsen

Constance Rossiter

Lizz Sansone

Linda Schoonmaker

Rashmi Sharma

Cindy Sheen

Sheila Skipper

Sara Solo

Steve Von Hofe

Dallis Warren

Cheryl White

David Young