Outreach and Education

Impact, Empower & Engage at Terry High School Nov 2014

Impact, Empower & Engage at Terry High School Nov 2014

It is not enough to help those affected by domestic violence and sexual assault to move forward. Our goal is to stop these types of violence from happening in the first place. To achieve this, Fort Bend Women’s Center offers outreach and education programs to schools, colleges, workplaces and community settings across Fort Bend County.


‘Creating Healthy Relationships’ helps young people understand issues such as the dynamics of family, dating violence and sexual assault, and the signs of abuse. It also covers power and control cycles, the difference between sexual harassment and flirting, date rape, the components of a healthy relationship, and self-esteem. It seeks to help young people recognize the signs of abuse in their own and others’ relationships and to equip them to be able to help someone in an abusive relationship.


‘Impact, Empower and Engage’ is designed to give individuals the skills they need to be able to act to prevent not just sexual violence, but violence in general. The program aims to address those individual and social norms which make interpersonal violence such as bullying, sexual harassment and sexual assault such an issue in our society.


All our programs are based on the belief that young people can make a difference in their communities. We believe that they are the experts on their peers and are the best people to bring about change in their own peer group. Through our ‘Expect Respect – Safe Teens Leadership Program’, we train young people aged 12-18 years on interpersonal violence prevention and peer leadership. The eight module program covers bullying, sexual harassment, sexual assault, healthy and abusive dating relationships, the warning signs of abuse and practical tools for bystander intervention.


If you are interested in any of these programs, please contact Amber Paaso at 281-344-5759 or apaaso@fortbendwomenscenter.org. We can tailor programs to suit individual groups and their requirements.