Domestic Violence Program

Domestic violence can take many forms. It is not only physical abuse. Domestic violence can be emotional, verbal, sexual, economic, spiritual and psychological. It can and does happen to all kinds of people, regardless of their age, gender, income, education or ethnicity. Domestic violence is never deserved or asked for. It is possible to survive and move on from being a victim of this crime to live independently. We can help. Call our 24 hour Crisis Hotline: 281-342-HELP (4357).


At Fort Bend Women’s Center, we recognize that it is not easy to leave an abusive relationship. It can be dangerous. Domestic violence takes away choice, self-esteem and control and its impact is far-reaching. Danger, fear, a lack of access to family, friends and money and not knowing how to get help for yourself and your children, all make it hard to leave.


In addition to our 24-hour Crisis Hotline, our Domestic Violence program helps to address these issues. We can help you create a safety plan and gain access to resources such as shelter and emergency assistance with food, clothing, rent and transportation. We can also help you with employment and education services and provide counseling. In addition, we provide legal advocacy and will accompany you to court for any civil or criminal proceedings arising from your experience of domestic violence. All of our services are free of charge.


National data shows that an individual will leave their abuser on average 7-9 times before leaving permanently. Our Domestic Violence Transitional Housing Program has helped 88% of our clients remain violence-free and independent.


Our domestic violence program also includes our Emergency Shelter Program and our Non-Residential Program.


Please check out our Online Resources, which can help you learn more about domestic violence.