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At Fort Bend Women’s Center, we are grateful to have support from right across our local community, particularly our male volunteers, including the President of our Board of Directors, Bruce Mercer. Regional President of Prosperity Bank, Bruce got involved with Fort Bend Women’s Center by chance…..but almost twenty years later, he has no regrets and is … Read More »

Peggy Wright has been counseling survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault for 19 years. For Men’s Health Month, she asks men what they believe about domestic violence. Years ago, I was counseling one of my first male clients.  He was about 6’4” tall and weighed about 250 or more pounds.  He was covered in tattoos … Read More »

I am so appreciative for the help I received while staying at the women’s shelter and continue to receive since I have left. This has been a great experience for my kids and I. I’m happy it took me away from negativity I was around. I am so thankful to your staff also; they have been … Read More »

Meet our Volunteer of the Year 2016! Alice Kleinheinz!   Our Chief Retail Operations Officer, Joy Dowell said: “This volunteer is loved by our Resale Store staff as well as our administrative staff for her easy-going, generous personality. A boutique connoisseur, with a strong innovative style for merchandising, she makes the Richmond Resale Store the … Read More »